Gene & Lori White wrote & recorded the popular jingle in 1994.  It was used on radio & TV for for over ten years until Wheeler's RV was sold in 2005.
            ORIGINAL SONGS 
PEPPER-TANNER - On assignment in the late 1960's Gene wrote a number of jingles and commercials.
"HOLD ME CLOSE AMERICA"- Original song by Lori & Gene White
SCHMITT, HALL & McCREARY - Published a Stage Band Series of Original Songs composed by Gene White in the 1970's. 
Our friend & client Carme wrote a novel called "Sing Deadly", a story about a famous singer who became a hit man for the mob. We collaborated with Carme who had written the lyrics to the song "Sing Deadly" which he wanted to accommodate his book. Carme gave the lyrics to Lori White and she created the music for the tune. Gene then wrote the exciting Big Band arrangement.                                Here's an excerpt of the song.
                          "SING DEADLY"
    featuring Carme & Gene White's Band 
  Commercial Bed For Wheeler's Las Vegas RV
      featuring Lori White with Gene White's Band.
Lori & Gene White's original patriotic composition dedicated to US Troops, Veterans, and their Families. Here's Lori performing the tune on YouTube video. Lori has written numerous songs for America. You can find many of her songs on YouTube.
Featuring Gene White's Big Band & vocal group Fifth Avenue during a live radio broadcast in 1983.
Nevada Eye Care Professionals, Las Vegas: Gene & Lori White wrote and produced commercials that were aired on “Swing Street” their “live” radio show from the Rio Hotel & Casino Supper Club and broadcast on KORK Radio in 1994-1995.  
"SING DEADLY"- Original Song By Carme & Lori White
SUMMER, LOVE, & YOU"- Original song by Gene White
Click to hear audio clip 
Click to hear audio clip 
Gene & Lori White also produced commercials to promote the beautiful Rio Hotel & Casino's Supper Club. That is where the Gene White 20-piece Orchestra performed for dancing and recorded their "live" weekly radio show "Swing Street" every Sunday night for a year. The broadcast was aired on KORK Radio every Saturday morning.    
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"YOUR EYES" - Original song by Gene White
Written by Gene White for Lori back in 1986 when they first met.
"BALLERINA JOBYNA" - Original Song By Gene & Lori White

Gene & Lori wrote this song as a gift to their friend & client Paul Casey. It was composed for the Celebration of Life for their daughter Jobyna - Jan. 2, 2008 - Mar. 7, 2019. Jobyna had an undiagnosed neurological disease and they were told she wouldn’t live past age three – but Jobyna defeated the odds: she lived to age eleven! Inspired by their loving daughter, Paul raised funds for the Children’s Miracle Network for Jobyna’s entire lifetime. After Jobyna’s passing Paul continues to honor her memory by raising funds for the Miracle League of Las Vegas to assist kids with special needs. Because Jobyna was total care and confined to a wheelchair, the song is about her life now in Heaven. Now, she’s running and dancing cross Heavenly skies! 

Gene White on vocals and piano with his 7 piece band.
   Live at the Riverside Hotel & Casino, Laughlin, NV
Lori White on vocal, with custom Gene White Finale track.
The Gene White 20 piece Orchestra on stage in the Rio Supper Club.
The Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
SWING STREET - Our Live Big Band Radio Show
Broadcast Weekly On KORK Radio, Las Vegas, NV 
Lori White 1993